website pic 2Starting as a chartered accountant and moving on to the London Stock Exchange as an equity analyst covering banks and then insurance brokers, I switched into education as a Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Auditing and became fascinated by what motivates people, and by what can also get in the way of their development. It was clear that emotional intelligence plays a key role.

With a Distinction in a Diploma in Adult Education, I was responsible for training and mentoring several hundred young adults each year, and this sparked a lifelong interest in finding ways to help people to be successful in their lives and careers.   It was also clear to me that blocks can sometimes impede growth and in order to help clear these I would need further training.

Starting with a Diploma in Integrative Counselling from Roehampton University, I subsequently moved on to a succession of psychological qualifications including a Diploma in Systemic Therapy, a certificate in the Psychodynamics of Group Facilitation, and ending in a post-graduate Diploma in Solution-Focused Therapy.

Over the years clients have been drawn from the private, Government and not-for-profit sectors allowing me a rich and unique experience of  challenges and goals. I have coached, counselled and supported people at all levels in organisations from CEOs downwards and have also trained leaders to coach and mentor their most valuable asset – the people who they employ.

I was previously a member of the executive of the Institute of Business Ethics and a Board member of Fairbridge, the country-wide charity which helps and develops the young people who are most difficult to reach, and was part of the Trustee team which oversaw its successful integration into The Prince’s Trust.